Thursday, December 13, 2007

New England International Auto Show

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Greetings from the New England International Auto Show. This year, it was held for the first time at the new South Boston Convention Center. What a great place for the car show! There were some great ones, and I got pictures of a few of them. I wish I had captured that beautiful restored classic Saab 900 Turbo!

Volvo 780 Bertone

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By the time you are seeing this car, I hope it is on the beautiful island of Cyprus. After years of loving ownership, the American owner hoped it would go to a person who would cherish and appreciate this rare beauty. It seems to have found an owner who wants to bring it all the way to his home in Cyprus! Cheers, and best of luck on your journey.

Cars in China

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Hello blogging world. I just returned from a trip to China, and of course I just had to take a bunch of pictures of cars while I was over there. If you click on this fancy Buick, you will go to my flickr album of cars in China. They love Buick's over there, and VW's are very popular as well. It seems as if they made the Quantum model for many more years there, plus an updated version of that model. I tried to take pictures of some of the different models that you see there, including the Honda Odyssey and a Toyota van whose name I didn't catch. Enjoy, and keep checking back for other pictures.